The American Institute of Project Management (PMI) has developed a certification program for project managers were able to confirm their qualification. This exam has passed the quarter of a million people around the world. Today the PMP certification is the de facto basic requirements to the project manager in the world. PMP stands for Project Management Professional - a degree in project management, common to all applications.

How to become a certified PMP?

To obtain the skills necessary to meet the requirements of the PMP certification (of these requirements, as well as how to apply for the exam can be found here.) After submitting the application must go through computer testing center testing Prometric. helps you prepare for the exam, and test your knowledge. On how to prepare for the exam can be found here. 

The examination fee for a certificate PMP

Payment of the exam:

  • $ 405.00 - for PMI members
  • $ 555.00 - for non PMI members.

Payment re-exam:

  • $ 275.00 - for PMI members
  • $ 375.00 - for non PMI members.

How to check your readiness for the exam for a certificate PMP?

In order to be sure of the exam on the first try to use the simulator to test, which fully simulates the actual exam at the test center.